Petunia’s Corner Vanilla Cardamom Wax Melts Review

I love wax melts, probably more than candles, not much more, only a little bit more.
I find they’re great for almost instant home fragrance plus I love being able to mix up scents and change them as often as I want. See, I have this thing about having to burn candles all the way to the end before I light another one (crazy I know) but I don’t have to worry about this with wax melts. Also they’re so much more easy to hoard stash away than candles… 😉

Petunia's Corner Vanilla Cardamom Wax Melts Review

I had only been saying to Sarah that I’ve recently kind of gone off vanilla scented products, as in plain vanilla, but that I still loved vanilla scents mixed with citrus or spices and was really craving spicy vanilla scents.  So when  Dina from Petunia’s Corner sent me Vanilla Cardamom wax melts to review I was really happy.

The scent is described as “fresh churned butter, ground cardamom, and cake batter” and it’s the most fitting description.

I put one cube in the warmer in our bedroom about half an hour before we went to bed and when we walked in, I was like “mmmmm smells like a spicy cake in here!” I left it going all night and himself told me the next morning that I was making “om nom nom” noises in my sleep! LOL. I don’t think I was dreaming about cake or anything so it must’ve been the delicious Vanilla Cardamom aroma.

You could really smell all the elements in it, the sweet scent of cake batter with hints of vanilla, the creamy salty butter and the rich, spicy aroma of the cardamom. Such a unique and very comforting fragrance.

I kept the cube melting in my warmer for about three full nights before I changed it, so I was really impressed with how long one cube lasted, although not at all surprised given how amazing and well made Dina’s products are.

Head on over to Petunia’s Corner where you’ll not only find lots of candles but some fabulous upcycled home décor, lighting and accessories.

Be sure to follow Dina on Instagram HERE and you can follow us as well HERE.

We’ll have more reviews from Petunia’s Corner and other great brands coming soon, so stay tuned.

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