Makers of Wax Goods Vanilla Coffee Candle Review

So I live super close to a TK MAXX (or TJ MAXX as it’s called in the US), I love it but man oh man it’s dangerous. Usually when we go grocery shopping nearby I always wander in for a browse, which more often than not leads to some impulse buys, especially ones from the candle department. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll see that in the space of about a month I bought six rather large candles and one six pack of votives from TK MAXX,  you’d swear I had a candle addiction or something. 😉

Two of the candles that I purchased were by Makers of Wax Goods, a new, albeit very mysterious candle company, I can’t find much about them on line, but anyway…One is Bourbon scented and I have yet to burn it and the other one was Vanilla Coffee scented which I just finished burning and really liked.

Makers of Wax Goods Vanilla Coffee Candle 1

Makers of Wax Goods Vanilla Coffee Candle Review 2

I adore multi-wick candles but that last time I had a triple wick tin candle, similar to this, was one from Primark and it burned horrendously so I was nervous about this one but actually I had no need to be cause it burned amazingly well, which you can see above.

I was really impressed with the scent throw, it wasn’t too overpowering but I think which coffee being a such a strong aroma that that is a good thing. This scent reminded me of a vanilla latte. Mmmmmm.

If you see any Makers of Wax Goods products, do get one, they’re really good and are pretty cheap for such good quality. I know I’ll probably pick up a few more if I see them in my local TK MAXX.

Have you found any great candles at TK MAXX? Tell us about them in a comment below.

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