Knick Knacks Attic Rhubarb & Custard Wax Melts Review

As soon as I opened my June Waxbox I could smell rhubarb and custard. It wasn’t overpowering it was just so deliciously yummy but the greatest thing was finding where it was from. Since we properly got into regularly updating our Instagram, we’ve come across so many brands but one of my favourites has been Knick Knacks Attic.

I’d been planning to buy for a while and getting the chance to “try” first was awesome. I liked that the melt was easy to break, I like to break up scents and make them last longer (or mix some scents) and the scent on a cold smell was just soooo good. I wanted to eat it!

The throw was almost immediate and for a quarter chunk I got a good 12 hour scent release from it. I had this melting away when my Mum came to visit and she noticed the smell straight away. She was surprised that it was not in a candle jar and how a little chunk had made such a strong scent throw. I’ll admit I did put it on to see if she liked it, she loved the sweets as a child.

I am really impressed by Knick Knacks Attic, as I thought I would be. She is super lovely to follow on Instagram and Facebook too!

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