Fresh Strawberries Village Candle Review From Love Aroma

You’ll have seen Sam’s review of the Brownie Delight candle that she was sent from Love Aroma. We both were excited to see what we were sent (as we always are!) and when they had arrived, excited messages went back and forth about them.

I was sent the Fresh Strawberries candle which is just like that very fresh strawberry smell. If you’ve ever been strawberry picking and you take that first bite into it, the juiciness and that strawberry smell that fills your nose. This is that smell in a candle!

I love the two wicks and they do make the scent throw quicker. But what I really loved about this candle was how it fragranced a room on a cold smell. I could smell it as I walked into the room, I would be sitting and watching TV and it would be on the side table next to me and I could smell the strawberries. Once lit though the throw is amazing, delicious strawberries that make you want everything strawberry. Strawberry milkshakes has been a favourite recently.

It also made a fantastic wax pool and no black bits, no tunnelling, no black smokiness. Amazing!

As Sam has said we’re super impressed and we’re adding lots more Village Candles onto our wishlists now.

Have you tried a Village Candle yet?

Thanks to Love Aroma for introducing us both to a new candle brand to be addicted to!

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