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Love Aroma is proud to be leading the home fragrance revolution by bringing together a collection of leading brands sourced from around the globe, each with their own distinct style and personality.

Love Aroma have just added another brand to their already amazing collection, Kringle Candle, an all-white 100% pure food-grade paraffin candle collection. We love it because the neutral colour of the candle makes it easy for it to fit in any room colour scheme, so your favourite fragrance is always the right colour. The beautiful, authentic fragrances will easily fill your room whilst the classic jar design is sleek, smart and attractive giving of modern vibes for a relaxing home.

Being the largest independent retailer for Yankee Candle in Britain, Love Aroma offers over 60 fragrances from the market-leading brand famous for true to life fragrances and iconic house warmer jar candles.

Kringle Candles history begins in many ways with Yankee Candle. Founder Mike Kittredge, then just 16 years old, created the Yankee Candle company in 1969. Yankee grew into one of giftware industry’s most well-known brands before Mike eventually sold the business in 1998. Mike’s son Mick – who had often dreamed of working alongside his father one day – was only 8 years old at the time.

In 2009 he was working on a school marketing project, with an assignment to create a company on paper and devise a business plan. Mick chose candles, a natural topic.

Seeking a contemporary twist on a traditional product, Mick made his scented candles all white. He saw that white candles were a décor-neutral and fit beautifully into every room of the house. Even though Kringle Candle only existed on paper, the all-white look was a unique competitive advantage.

Mick’s tutor offered extra credit to any student that actually made and sold his or her product, so he jumped at the chance. He placed some of his sample candles at a friend’s store in Massachusetts and watched excitedly as they sold out in a matter of hours. Mick realised that the marketplace liked his all white candles, now proudly named Kringle Candle, and soon he was discussing how to turn his school project into a real business with his dad.

After nearly a year of planning and perfecting the Kringle Candle brand, Mick and his dad cut the ribbon on a new headquarters Kringle Candle retail store in Massachusetts in late 2010. It was the perfect place to expand the array of styles and fragrances, and develop the product line based on real word customer feedback. This helped Mick to provide his growing network of Kringle Candle dealers with market-tested products.

During the next years, the Kringle dealer network continued to expand. Today, Kringle Candles can be found in the UK in Love Aroma in stores and online at

All of Kringle Candles fragrances have a perfect homely feel and create an atmosphere that will make everyone feel easy going and able to relax.

Love Aroma have launched the range with nine different fragrances that they believe their customers will be passionate about…

Royal Cherries – A sweet, ripe, fruity fragrance that reflects a warm home atmosphere.
Pink Grapefruit – A sharp, fruity, zesty fragrance with a citrus punch.
Cherry Blossom – A floral, lively fragrance with sweet notes perfect for spring.
Tranquil Waters – A cooling sea breeze, reminiscent of cool waters and warm amber.
Watercolours – A best selling combination of strawberry and lime fruity notes with a floral twist.
French Lavender – A floral fragrance with notes of eucalyptus, citrus and sweet musk.
Wild Poppies – A light and delicate floral summer fragrance with gentle sweet notes.
Warm Cotton – A cosy, comforting fragrance with a clean and fresh aroma.
Splash – Refreshing, the citrus notes and bold, watery coolness invigorates the senses.

Kringle Candles at Love Aroma

Stay tuned for reviews from this new and ever so fabulous brand but until then you can find Love Aroma on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and on Twitter @LoveAromaStore

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