Delicious Dessert Candles

We love cakes, cookies and generally anything sweet and yummy, so we thought we’d share some really cool dessert inspired candles with you.

WARNING! These will make you hungry.

Desset Scented Candles from Love Aroma
WoodWick Cafe Sweets (Vanilla Bean, Caramel & Biscotti) Trilogy Candle, Village Candle Lemon Pound Cake Candle and Paddywax Relish Sweet Cream & Honey Large Candle all from Love Aroma.
Desset Scented Candles from The Milk & Cookie Candle Company
Cherry Cheesecake, Waffle Cone, Banana Split and Chocolate Chip Mint Scented Candles from The Milk & Cookie Candle Company. Use discount code: vanillaandlime for 20% off.
Dessert Scented Candles from Melissa's Candle Bakery
Lemon Meringue Pie Candle and Trifle Dessert Candle from Melissa’s Candle Bakery.
Scented Cupcake Candles, Bakery Shop Scented Cupcakes, Decorative Candles, Gift Idea, Home Decor Candles,
Scented Cupcake Candles from Brooklyn Wicks LLC.
Dessert Candles from The Dessert Candle Shop
Chocolate Chip Cookie & Ice Cream Dessert, Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich, Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Parfait and Milk & Cookies Candle from The Dessert Candle Shop.

YUMMY! Don’t you just want them all?!

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