Delectable Parma Violet Wax Melt Review

There’s so many memories to be found with certain scents. As a child I loved the parma violet sweets, the packets were never big enough – as soon as you’d start, they’d be gone!

In my June Waxbox I got this Parma Violet melt from Delectable. Another brand that has been on my list to try!

First of all, the colour! PURPLE! Obviously it would be purple but this goes from a light purple to a dark purple colour when it is melting. The throw was quite strong through the packet but I was super impressed by how quick the throw hit me once I warmed my burner. Then the memories of the sweets flooded into my brain. Like I said about scents bringing back memories, this was definitely one for me.

So now that I’ve tried Delectable out, I’m definitely going back for more!

They also do a variety of bath products too so be warned the shop is pretty fabulous. 😉

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