Daisy Doozy Candle from Glowhush Review

I knew as soon as we joined Instagram that we would be finding loads more brands, this year when we relaunched the website we really upped our photo game. So it would seem did everyone else… we’ve both found new brands that we love through Instagram. One of mine was Glowhush, I have a big love for fragrances and I am a bit of a nightmare in the duty free – I want all the perfumes! If you do follow Glowhush you’ll know they often have discounts and sales (stay tuned we have a discount below) so I snapped up my order with the first code I saw from them.

Glowhush provide me with a way to scent my home with fabulous fragrances at a very affordable price. I bought a little haul a while back and this Daisy Doozy candle was among my choices. If you love Daisy by Marc Jacobs then you are going to LOVE this. It has the scent in all its beauty and it really is a candle that is perfect for summer. I also really like the pattern on the lid, I believe they are having a rebrand so that might have now gone…

I was super impressed and whilst I totally lost count of how many hours I got from this, I was too amazed by my home smelling so good it lasted for longer than I expected! The next photo shows how well it burned, no tunnelling at all. Such good quality and such good prices!

I’ll be looking into trying some of the reed diffusers next and definitely will be putting these on my Christmas lists for gifts for family and friends. It’s such a lovely gift or treat for yourself. 😉

We also have a super offer for our readers too!

You can keep up with GlowHush on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and if you’d like to treat yourself you can have 20% OFF with the discount code VanillaandLime20 *

*Offer only valid on orders over £10.

I also have a review coming soon of a lot of wax melts from Glowhush. Not even slightly sorry!

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