Citronella Ceramic Pot Candles from Robert Dyas

You might not know but the UK has the weirdest pattern of weather. EVER! Recently it’s been amazingly hot, then windy, cold and thunderstorms. So when the weather decides to get its sunshine hat on I am straight away ready to bring the BBQ out. The crazy thing is the breeze likes to put out the fires… but I’m a bit of a pyromaniac so our BBQ doesn’t go out!

Anyway… I realised I had ZERO citronella candles. How does this happen?! I went to a few places on the high street and everywhere seemed sold out and then I remembered Robert Dyas! These cute ceramic pots were just £2.99 each. I love the painting detail on them and I am hoping I can reuse the pots when the candles have done.

I haven’t got round to actually using them yet though because the weather has gone back to weird. As soon as I do though I’ll let you know what they are like but £2.99 each for these cute pots, totally worth it!

I think I might have to go back for more…

If you find any citronella candles (or any candles for that matter) that we might like,  upload the photo to Instagram and tag us @vanillaandlime.

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