Dearly Loved is one of many brands that I’ve been introduced to this year and it is now one of my all time favourite brands ever.

Lyn and her wicked candle making skills have raised the bar for me when it comes to handmade candles now. Candles With Character have such unique scents, they burn cleanly and flawlessly, their super strong scent throw is consistent from start to finish and the wonderful Disney inspired themes fill me with such joy.

My latest review candle will have you saying ALOHA and feeling right at home on the Big Island with Lilo!

The scent of this soy candle is juicy pineapple and fresh coconut, sounds delicious eh? But there’s so much more to this candle. When you hear “coconut” and “pineapple” you might assume a sweet scent but actually I found the pineapple in this candle to be almost tart and the coconut to have a sorta of spicy/musky element to it.  It’s very unique and fresh and so much more than I ever expected.


Lyn never ceases to amaze me with her products and I get more and more excited every time I get to try out another one. If you haven’t tried a Candles With Character candle yet, trust me, you are missing out!

Be sure to check out My Dearly Loved on Etsy for lots of fabulous Disney inspired goodies. You can also find Lyn on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @MyDearlyLoved

Stay tuned for my product features and reviews from us.

One thought on “CANDLES WITH CHARACTER “Lilo” Candle Review

  1. YOU fill me with such joy, Sam!

    Thanks so much for the kind review….I’ve poured myself into my little, dream-of-a-business, and getting such great feedback means so very much!

    LOVE all you’re doing for us handcrafters!

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