Birthday Candles!

It’s my birthday today! I’m so happy to be turning the big 30!

Life is sweet so I thought I’d share some fabulous birthday cake inspired candles with you.
Treat yourself cause it’s my birthday and I say so, LOL. 😉

CANDLES WITH CHARACTER - Merry Unbirthday (Scents of Fantasyland)
Candles With Character Merry Unbirthday (Scents of Fantasyland)My Dearly Loved
We all have ONE birthday, but each of us have 364 UN-birthdays to celebrate, as well. It’s sure to be a mad party as you’re wished a very, Merry Unbirthday! The scent of this 4 oz. soy candle is Unbirthday Cake, of course!
Birthday Cake Swan Creek 24oz Pantry Jar
Birthday Cake Swan Creek 24oz Pantry Jar from Old Stable Store
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… Birthday Cake is sweet bakery smells, with a dash of irresistible icing sugar.

Birthday Party Jar Candle from And She Blushes
Birthday Party Jar Candle from And She Blushes
Each Birthday Party Jar candle is 16 ounces of cake scented wax, lined with real cake sprinkles! An additional 4.5 ounces of whipped frosting scented wax on top, for a total of 20-ish ounces of delicious cake and frosting scented wax!
Yankee Candle Celebrate
Yankee Candle Celebrate Large Jar from Love Aroma
So many of life’s important moments with friends and family are celebrated with creamy, frosted cake.
BIRTHDAY CAKE 12 OZ ORIGINAL from Beswick Candle Co.
Birthday Cake Scented Candle from Beswick Candle Co.
Indulge in the aroma of freshly baked cake straight from the oven! Blended with rich vanilla, yellow cake, and creamy buttercream frosting, this fragrance is irresistible. Your friends will be disappointed to find that you are not, in fact, baking a cake.
Birthday Cake Soy Wax Candle
Birthday Cake Soy Wax Candle from Virginia Dean Candle Co.
Buttercream Vanilla Birthday Cupcake Scented Eco-Soy Candle Tin
Buttercream Vanilla Birthday Cupcake Scented Eco-Soy Candle Tin from The Milk & Cookie Candle Company
The delightful scent of a Birthday Cupcake, buttercream icing and all..with sprinkles!
Cake Batter Scented Soy Cupcake Candles from Brooklyn Wicks LLC
These handmade cupcake candles are super duper cute, decked out with enough amount of sparkle and sprinkles, colored pink and black and look very much like the real cupcakes. Scented with cake batter, two of the cupcakes have ice cream scoop style frosting.
Happy Birthday Sprinkle Candle (Tall) - Vanilla Cake and Frosting Scented Soy Wax - Burns Up to 150 Hours - Portion of Proceeds
Happy Birthday Sprinkle Candle from Outpour Candles
Enjoy the sweet aroma of vanilla birthday cake, buttercream frosting and sprinkles.
Soy Candle Birthday Cake Scented ChiCandle
Birthday Cake Scented Soy Candle from ChiCandle
This birthday candle is hand poured with soy wax in small batches. It is strongly scented. With ChiCandle products, you can enjoy your scented candles from top to bottom.

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