The Country Candle Company Lavender & Amber Wax Melts Review

I have to admit that neither of us are particularly lavender scent type gals but that doesn’t mean we’d ever give them a bad review. So when I saw this in my Waxbox I was a little wary because of the lavender but also intrigued because of the amber…

I do adore these snap packs of wax melts because they are easy to store and they always seem good value for money with the amount of melts you get. They are also super easy to push out the wax cube that you need! 

My photo explanation to show you what it looks like after you have pushed one cube out. Naturally because I was doing this for show it’s not the greatest example… but you get the idea.

This is a unisex type scent, it smells like one of those Lynx body sprays, but I don’t know which one. But it is also reminds me of Yankee Candle’s Midsummers Night which I do also like. It is definitely one I would purchase mainly because the lavender isn’t overpowering.

The wax burns well and gave off a good 10+ hours for each cube used. I also REALLY loved the light purple colour in the box and then it changed to a dark purple once melting which was lovely for this purple obsessed one. Yes, that’s me. This was another great find from Waxbox and I of course had a long look through what else The Country Candle Company sold.

I am really intrigued by their Wonderwicks, we have both been super impressed by WoodWick Candles so this would be up on our lists to buy. Especially with scents like Black Pomegranate, Coconut & Mango and Sea Salted Fig. Of the three new collections it was the Parisian Collection that caught my eye, those two wick Parisian bowls are just gorgeous.

Another great find from Waxbox. Have you subscribed yet?

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