Petunia’s Corner Cubans & Cognac Candle Review

I’ve been so eager to try a booze scented candle for a while now, I don’t mean fruity cocktail scented, I mean like good ol’ fashioned hard liquor scented; preferably Bourbon or Cognac. So I was very happy when our friend Dina from Petunia’s Corner set me a Cubans & Cognac scented candle.

Petunia’s Corner Cubans & Cognac Candle

The thing I love most about candles from Petunia’s Corner is that their scents are so complex, there are so many elements to them. I could definitely smell vanilla in it and some caramel and nutty notes.
I will admit that I was slightly nervous about the Cubans element of the candle, because cigars generally do not smell nice at all, but this was more of a natural tobacco scent and gave the whole candle a sort of woody, earthy scent.
Overall it was a very rich, sensual and masculine scent.

I’d imagine this would be the type of candle someone like Tony Soprano would burn after a long hard day in the waste management  business. It certainly made me feel very gangster…you got no idea what it’s like to be Number One. 😉

Petunia’s Corner Cubans & Cognac Candle Review

Petunia’s Corner candles are made with 100% natural soy wax which makes for lovely clean burning candles and they come in super cute reusable mason jars.

Dina uses only Eco friendly, lead-free cotton wicks and high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils in all the candles and no dyes or chemicals are added. The scent throw off the candles is always strong from start to finish, even my better half commented on the scent of this candle, which is rare so you know that’s a good sign.

This was like the ultimate “mandle” but I think any ladies that like masculine scents will just love Cubans & Cognac, especially with the vanilla elements in it.

Head on over to Petunia’s Corner where you’ll not only find lots of luxurious candles in a stunning range of scents but also some fabulous upcycled home décor, lighting and accessories.

Be sure to check out Petunia’s Corner on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE.

We’ll have more reviews from Petunia’s Corner and other great brands coming soon, stay tuned.

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