GlowHush Famous Fragrances

At GlowHush they think everyone should be able to light up their homes with famous fragrances, so they’ve created gorgeous candles scented like top perfumes to allow you to enjoy your favourites all day long and create a personal ambiance in your special place.
Many famous fragrances aren’t available as candles, or are super pricey. GlowHush offer a way for everyone to enjoy their scent notes – and not just on special occasions!

GlowHush ProductsLeft-Right: Tin Candles, Candles in Glass, Wax Mini-Melts, Diffusers and Wax Melts.

GlowHush candles are scented to the maximum that the wax can hold and create high levels of scent throw – after just a few minutes of being lit, your rooms will start to fill with fragrance.

Some of our favourite GlowHush scents are Daisy Doozy, Vanilla & Tobacco, Pear & Freesia, Almond & Macaroon and Red Dahlia. If you like your designer and luxury scents then you will LOVE this amazing brand and their huge range of scents.

You can keep up with GlowHush on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and if you’d like to treat yourself you can have 20% OFF with the discount code VanillaandLime20 *

*Offer on orders over £10.

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