CANDLES WITH CHARACTER “Toulouse, Berlioz & Marie” Candle Review

CANDLES WITH CHARACTER “Toulouse, Berlioz & Marie” Candle Review“Whether they’re practicing their scales and arpeggios or napping after enjoying creme de la creme a la Edgar, these three kittens are true Aristocats!”

This candle is scented with the unmistakable rich aroma of sweetened condensed milk, the key ingredient to so many tasty treats.

I was sent four fabulous candles from My Dearly Loved’s Candles With Character range (line of candles and wax melts inspired by Disney characters and stories), Sleepy, Flik and Three Caballeros all of which I adored but I definitely think I saved the best for last. I mean this candle… YUMMY! It smelled like cakes and cookies and caramel, just so sweet and delicious.

All Candles With Character are made with  soy wax and hand poured into a lidded tin and crafted with quality products and you can just see how much, time, thought and love goes into each product that Lyn makes, which is just why I like them so much. These candles are some of my most favourite that I’ve ever had and I can’t recommend them enough.

If you’re looking for great quality candles at affordable prices, candles that burn cleanly and evenly, candles that have unique scents and amazing throws, then definitely check out this amazing range.

Be sure to head on over to My Dearly Loved on Etsy for lots of  other Disney inspired goodies. You can also find Lyn on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @MyDearlyLoved

Stay tuned for my product features and reviews from us.

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  1. Sam, thank you and Sarah are doing to help us little gals pursue our BIG dreams! “… I can’t recommend them enough.” Really? You are too kind, and I have loved working with you! Looking SO forward to many more reviews.

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