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Sam and I have been looking for subscription boxes for months. We found nothing and then we found two great ones. Sam reviewed Vellabox and I’m here to tell you about Waxbox. By the time I found out about Waxbox it was just too late to get the April box but I could see what everyone had received and I was super jealous!

Subscribing was very easy and their website has all the info that you need. I received all my order confirmations quite promptly and got told when the box was sent. A full day of tracking my parcel on the Royal Mail website and then that knock at the door that means “exciting post!”



The box isn’t anything over the top but it does its job. Other beauty sub boxes have a box within a box but there’s no need and I absolutely loathe over packaging. I like that I can recycle everything easily and I’ll reuse that tissue paper easily. Also! As soon as I saw the envelope I shrieked. NO ONE SENDS WRITTEN MAIL ANYMORE! I have a serious love for stationery so this was gorgeous, it just made me feel happy. Once the shrieking had stopped there was the scents, I could smell cherry and I could smell sweet scents. On closer inspection this is what I got and further reviews will follow soon…

Black Cherry Bomb/Sweet Apple Hearts (4 in the bag) from Scented Heaven – I love black cherry so these hit my nose straight away because of the familiarity and because they do pack a punch on cold smell. Can’t wait to see if they are as tangy when in my burner!

Amber & Lavender (6 cubes) from The Country Candle Company – These smell a little like Lynx Africa… or what I last remember that smelling like. It’s a very unisex scent but more to tempt the man in your life. 😉

Red Velvet from Butterfly Scents – It smells so good and I want to eat it, all of it! It’s quite a small wax melt but it sure smells great. I also love that this company supplied a 10% offer for my first order with them. Really nice touch!

Baby Powder from Cali’s Homemade Candle Co. – You can’t go wrong with this type of scent. Automatically you feel calm and relaxed. Intrigued to see what else is on the website.

Raspberry Lemonade from Totally Tarty Licious – It looks a bit like a soap or the top of a Lily-Flame candle but that lemonade fizz smell is there with a real kick. Wow!

Fresh Linen from Heart & Home – Much like the baby powder scent you can’t go wrong with a linen smell. I have come across this brand before and I have actually bought some more of their wax tarts to review a couple of months ago so will do a big review post about the brand with this linen one included obviously.

I was super happy with my collection of scents. I had seen that the April box had more items in it but this sub box is done on price rather than amount of items. Also that wax pack has 6 cubes in it!

I absolutely loved this box and I’m already excited about the June box. Boxes are £10 with postage of £3.95 and I loved finding new brands and scents to try. Stay tuned for the individual reviews on everything that I got.

Ooh and don’t forget that they are always looking for new products so any candlemakers reading this, get on it.

You can sign up for Waxbox here on their website. They are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

We found another candle sub box on social media a couple of months ago. We thought there was something iffy about them and when they eventually launched we found lots of mistakes on their website. It’s really difficult to join a sub box under a subscription if there are no reviews or if it’s the first month. Of course you can wait and see what everyone else thinks about it but with all shopping online, think about using PayPal so you can claim your money back. Just be vigilant.

Oh and the sub box I’m talking about seems to have disappeared from social media and their website is in maintenance mode. Disappointing to be right about this one if we’re honest as we had been excited about it.

But then I found waxbox. Addicted! 😉

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