Swan Creek Mulberry&Mandarin Candle Review from Old Stable Store

Our buddies at the Old Stable Store sent me a mahoosive Swan Creek 24oz Mulberry & Mandarin candle to review and it has been burning practically nonstop since it arrived here at V&L HQ.

It’s been a while since I had a Swan Creek candle and man I had forgotten how good they were.  One of my favourite things about Swan Creek is the variety they offer, in everything from scent type and strength to the style of their candles. They have something for everyone.

When I opened my candle, there was a little paper disc in it. It said:

“The Proof is in the Blooming!
Blooming, or shifts in colour, are intrinsic to our clean burning candles, brought on by the reaction between pure soy wax and high percentages of quality fragrance oil.
Candles not blessed with blooming often contain paraffin or other additives.
When purity counts, buy the Bloom!”

I did notice a little colour change at the top of the candle so this explained that and it definitely wowed me, you learn something new every day.

Swan Creek Mulberry&Mandarin Candle Review from Old Stable Store

Mulberry & Mandarin is a perfect blend of fruit and spice. On a cold smell it’s quite tart but when it’s burning and the lovely creamy wax is melting you can smell the sweet mulberry and the hints of spice in it.

The scent throw off this candle never ceased to amaze me; from the very start to where I am now (really close to the bottom) every time it’s been lit it’s filled the room with its strong and uplifting scent.

Plus did you see how perfectly and cleanly it’s been burning?! LOVE when that happens.

Have you tried Swan Creek Candles before? What are your thoughts? Recommendations? Let us know in a comment below. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you’re seriously missing out.

Be sure to check out The Old Stable Store, they offer a wide range of high-end luxury goods from esteemed suppliers both in the UK and across the pond, as well as one-off and unique items that can’t be found anywhere else in the UK such as but not limited to: country furnishings, home and bath & body fragrance products, and the rich fragrances of soy-based Swan Creek Candles. You can also find them on Facebook, HERE and follow them on Twitter @OldStableStore

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