Summer Scents & Accessories from PartyLite

Get summer happy with beachy bright colors and refreshing, cocktail-inspired scents and lots of colourful home décor and candle accessories from PartyLite.

Poolside Passion – The sunny scent of mango and rum stirred with a splash of lime.
I am just loving all the new fruity scents from PartyLite. You can’t really smell the lime in this one but you can definitely smell the rum so that makes it extra awesome. Imagine a mango and rum cocktail and that exactly what this smells like.

Beach Baby – The sunny scent of juicy pineapple blended with creamy coconut.
This one is quite unusual, not in a bad way, it smells delicious but you can’t smell the pineapple or the coconut, it’s smells just very tropical and tutti frutti-ish.

Skinny Sippin – The sparkling scent of refreshing grapefruit blended with green apple.
This is a very bright, uplifting scent, very citrusy and perfect for Summer.

Peach Honey Citronella – A citrusy summer scent with a hint of peach and honey.
I just LOVE this scent! Generally not a fan of honey or citronella scents but man the peach in this really pops! It’s my favourite out of all the new Summer scents.

Geranium Citronella – Sweet geranium with notes of lemony citronella.
This one smells sort of sweet and floral with a very strong burst of lemon. It reminds me of a clean linen type scent.

It’s the season to let loose, so give every room a laid-back beach vibe with fun summer designs from PartyLite.

How fabulous are all the butterflies?! Seriously, we want them all. Too cute.

Have you tried PartyLite products before? Let us know what you thought and what products and scents you’d recommend.

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