Raspberry Lemonade Tarts Review from Totally Tarty-Licious

So you will have all seen my Waxbox for May post – if not here’s the link. Go read, ha ha!

Today I’m reviewing Raspberry Lemonade. Yum!

Raspberry Lemonade Tarts Review from Totally TartyLicious

This was the most curious looking of all the products in the Waxbox because of its colour and yes it does look like a soap, but it’s not, I can assure you.  All of their wax melts are individually made using the best sourced paraffin and natural wax.

The fizz smell on a cold sniff is really strong but I did find when I used the tart that it became more of a sherbert type smell. Who doesn’t like sherbert? It reminded me of refreshers, yummy! It sure does pack a punch and the tart is big enough for a few uses and the throw is pretty strong too. I kept thinking these would make great gifts for Christmas as they smelt great through the packaging and they looked fun too.

I was super impressed to see that on their website there is free delivery when you spend £5 and I had mentally spent that within a second. I’ll be back to place an order with them very soon.

They have loads of USA scents like Grape Soda, 7-UP Pound Cake and Green Apple Candy! Oh yum.

They also do mystery boxes!

So this was a great find in my May Waxbox. You can visit their website here and also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

The great thing about Waxbox is coming across SO many other brands that you haven’t heard of and for us that’s amazing!

More reviews to come. 😀

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