Behind The Wick – Interview with Kera from The Raine Box

A true candle lover will know that there’s so much more to a great candle than just the scent; it’s about wicks, the wax, the packaging, how they burn, how the smell when they’re burning and so much more. Knowing that, we thought it would be fun to interview the geniuses that make candles, the ones that feed our addiction and make our homes smell amazing and feel ever so warm and inviting.

Raine BoxI’d like to introduce Kera from The Raine Box.

Tell us a little about yourself – what originally drew you to making candles and launching your own business?

I am a registered Dental Hygienist and since working in the field for over five years, work has been limited to a part time basis. I played with idea of opening my own dental clinic because I love what I do and I love the interactions with my patients, but I found I was still missing something; everyday felt the same. That’s when I decided to start my own candle line, Raine Scents by The Raine Box. My son’s middle name is Raine, so I named the company after him.

Tell us about the process that goes into making your lovely candles? What Raine Box Candleswax/products do you use?

I love the idea of “natural” so I chose to only use Soy Wax for the line. I had a designer design the labels and use a large company to have them imprinted on one pint paint cans. To me the idea was super cute but classic. I use essential and fragrance oils to add the scents. Soy doesn’t hold scents as strong as a paraffin wax, but I add the max oils to ensure they smell amazing.

What is your favourite candle scent of all the candles you make?

My personal favourite candle scent is the bergamot, orange and amber mixture which hasn’t launched on the site yet- new this week. I started the line with the most popular scents people were asking for. But I love creating! I think it’s great when people put in a request for certain scents I may not have thought of.

Have you had any happy accidents or complete disasters while making candles?

The only disaster since beginning the company was during pouring. My parents big Newfoundland dog was sleeping on the floor and I spilled a little bit of wax on him while pouring. I didn’t notice till he was playing later on that he smelled like lavender and had a trail of hardened wax on his fur. Oops!

Are there any other candle brands that you like and buy from? (What are your favourite scents from those brands?)

A brand that’s my “easy go to” would be the candle line from Bath and Body Works. The entire house is engulfed in which ever scent you purchase.

What five items would you take to a desert island? (One has to be something you sell…)

If I was headed to a desert island for a week I’d take a toothbrush (the dental hygienist in me), a citronella candle from my line and a match box – I can just imagine the mosquitoes and bugs! I’d also bring water, sunscreen SPF 100 and a battery operated fan ha ha, I seem to be one of those girls that sleep with a fan year round.

Have you any new and exciting creations planned that you’d like to share with us?

For the future I’ll expand on the scents and the creations available, and add natural soap and shave pucks for men.

You can shop at The Raine Box HERE and be sure to follow Kera on Instagram HERE.

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