WoodWick Cherry Bark Candle Review from Love Aroma

You might have spotted that we have both fallen head over heels in love with…


Love Aroma sent me Cherry Bark to review, which is brand new to their store. It is described as:

Sugared maraschino cherries and whipped vanilla cream are enriched by warm amber and plum for a fragrance that is both savoury and sweet.

I absolutely loved this, I could tell there was vanilla which as you all will be bored of me saying… is a fave. I also love cherries and this was a real mix of sweet and also it came across as quite a creamy smell. Pure cherry deliciousness!

The beauty of WoodWick candles is the wood wick which makes a little crackling noise. I found with this one more than the previous ones I’ve had, I would light it and it was extremely noisy! I blew it out, let it cool and went back to trimming the wood wick down. It seemed that I was either lazy the first time I trimmed it down or it wanted to be noisy. 😉

They burn down so well and I love that you can use the lids as a candle stand too. They also make great jars for reusing too.

There’s more WoodWick reviews to come…

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