WoodWick Wild Berry Smoothie Trilogy Candle Review from Love Aroma

If my first WoodWick candle didn’t make me obsessed with the brand, a WoodWick Trilogy candle certainly did!
Each WoodWick Trilogy candle comes with three unique scents. As each layer melts away, the layers combine to create an original new scent.

I was sent a WoodWick Wild Berry Smoothie Trilogy Candle from Love Aroma to WoodWick Wild Berry Smoothie Trilogy Candle Review from Love Aromareview, it’s a combination of…

Dreamsicle Daydream – Silky orange cream sorbet & rich vanilla will have you dreaming of cool treats of summers gone by.
Strawberry Parfait – A sweet treat of sugared strawberries topped with fresh whipped cream.
and Marionberry – A sweet and juicy scent bursting with wild berry accord and hints of tart blackberries.

I really like Dreamsicle Daydream so was super happy that it was part of this candle and I like all things berry so I was excited to smell the other two scents.

Strawberry Parfait was definitely a creamy, sweet, strawberry flavoured type scent, it made me want strawberry milkshakes for days. When the candle was melting from Daydream Dreamsicle into Strawberry Parfait it was such a yummy combination it reminded me of Fruit Loops.
I’ve never heard of a Marionberry but I want a whole big bunch of them; this scent reminded me of Grape Crush soda float, it was a sweet and juicy scent but I could get hints of vanilla too.
Anyone else totally hungry now?!

Oh and can we just talk about cute the colours are on this candle?! I did think it was odd that Dreamsicle Daydream was now pink as opposed to the orangey coral colour it was in my first WoodWick candle review but then I was all like “shut up Sam, you know pink rules all!”

I mentioned in my last WoodWick candle review about how the wood wick crackling sound reminded me of rain tapping on a window, it’s one of the most comforting sounds ever and now that both my candles are gone I feel a little lost without that noise. I know it sounds crazy but it’s just so soothing especially after a long day in work.

WoodWick Wild Berry Smoothie Trilogy Candle Review from Love Aroma.
Just like my last candle this one burned flawlessly and smoke free, which is a little surprising as it’s wood; you would just naturally assume there would be a little smoke from it, like there would be if you were burning wood but there wasn’t. I really love WoodWick candles and am beyond impressed with them. I’m going to have order some soon from Love Aroma, I’m going through withdrawal, plus how delicious does this Café Sweets Trilogy Candle sound?!

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