The Simply Home Range from Yankee Candle

Recently I’ve seen on instagram a few people confused over the Simply Home range from Yankee Candle. The range was made as a more budget friendly version of Yankee Candle but that does not mean that they are not good quality but that they are focusing more on fragrances that compliment your home.

The range comes in various sizes…

Large Jar 538g (Burn Time 100 – 135 Hours)
Medium Jar 340g (Burn Time 55 – 75 Hours)
Wrapped Votive Sampler 49g (Burn Time 15 Hours)
Wax Melt 22g (Burn Time 8 Hours)

They are available to buy in Asda, Asda Living, Tesco, Tesco Homeplus and B&Q. If you know of any other stockists please let us know in a comment below.

My Simply Home Favourites: Cherry Vanilla, Vanilla Honey, Sweet Pea and Soft Cotton.

For me I do like looking at candles when I should be doing my food shop – I eventually get there but there is always a diversion down the candle aisle in Tesco. Oops. In Tesco’s the large jars are £14, medium jars are £9, votives and melts are £1.20.

Above I have listed some of my favourites, Vanilla Honey is a new favourite and I have just bought the large jar of it too. Below are the ones I must try next!

Yankee Candle Simply Home Grapefruit, Lilac Petals, Pink Honeysuckle and Fruity Melon

I’m always picking up the melts to try out when I’m doing my food shop. You might have noticed that supermarkets have more candles these days and not just their own brand either. Go on, have a look and come back and tell us what you bought.

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