ScentChips Review

ScentChips are colourful wax chips that release a wonderful and intense fragrance when placed in a ceramic burner. Enjoy the intensity of single scents or combine different fragrances to create your own personal blend! ScentChips are made using a specifically developed mix of paraffin-soya wax, fragrance oils and colourings.

The Basics Collection has 36 fragrances including Vanilla, Sandalwood, Lavender, Piña Colada, Cucumber and more.

The Extended Collection adds to the Basics Collection and here comes your blends. There are another 36 fragrances including Caramel, Coffee, Fireside, Clean Cotton, Cherry and more.

You can buy the chips in boxes where you can select your own blends. Or you can buy packets ready made of your blend or if there’s a scent you particularly like, you can buy a packet of that one scent.

I bought the smallest box to try out. It was so hard to pick out what blends to try. So I picked Raspberry & Vanilla for my blend, I was curious to try out the others as fragrances alone. Especially Fireside! I also got Clean Cotton, Vanilla Icing and Sweet Pea.  So far I’ve only tried Fireside. It’s just like the Yankee Candle one but slightly spicier. Fireside* has always been a favourite scent of mine, so happy to be able to get it in the UK (when the Yankee Candle one was available to buy, they only sold it in the US).

Can’t wait to try the rest of these out and let you know what I think. So far, it’s all really good. The box I got fits six ScentChips and was £3.95, so not bad at all.  I got mine in Holland & Barrett, they are not in every store but you can get them online.

As well as ScentChips there are ScentBurners, ScentWarmers, ScentBars, ScentSticks, ScentSoaps, ScentCreams, ScentWoods, ScentDecorations and ScentDrives.

You can find out more at and also follow them on Facebook, HERE.

*Naturally I love Fireside Treats. That’s a given.

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