Petunia’s Corner Coconut Bourbon Candle Review

Dina, the lovely owner of Petunia’s Corner is fairly new to the candle selling business but not to making and mastering them. Dina has making candles for herself as well as family and friends for over a year and only uses the best quality products to make them.

Petunia’s Corner have a great variety of scents, some are made up of quite unique combinations like Cannabis Rose, Vanilla Cardamom and Peppered Poppies. The candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and are hand poured into reusable mason jars. Only Eco friendly, lead-free cotton wicks and high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils are used in all the candles and no dyes or chemicals are added.

Petunia's Corner Candles
Dina sent some candles to review, with the fabulous gift wrapping it felt like it was my birthday. I just loved all the care and attention that went into the packaging, you can tell that Dina puts a lot of thought and love into her products.

I opted to try out Coconut Bourbon first, because well, eh why wouldn’t I?! It’s coconut and BOURBON!

Petunia's Corner Coconut Bourbon Candle“The scent of Kentucky bourbon, shredded coconut, whipped butter and Tahitian vanilla.”

When I first smelled this candle I could definitely smell the sweet coconut but when it was burning the hints of wood and the smokiness of the bourbon came through. The best way I can think to describe it is, ok imagine your having a Jack Daniels and Coke now throw a shot of Malibu into it, yeah, I want one now too. 😉

The scent wasn’t overpowering which some sweet candles can be, it was subtle and nice and I really enjoyed it.

The candle burned clean and flawlessly which I love, nothing worse than a candle that tunnels or smokes. Overall I was quite impressed with Petunia’s Corner candles and would definitely recommend them and gosh with the super cute packaging and attention to detail they would make great presents.

Petunia's Corner Coconut Bourbon Candle Review
Head on over to Petunia’s Corner where you’ll not only find lots of candles but some fabulous upcycled home décor, lighting and accessories.

Be sure to follow Dina on Instagram HERE and you can follow us as well HERE.

We’ll have more reviews from Petunia’s Corner and other great brands coming soon, stay tuned.

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