Organising Your Candles

How do all you other wax junkies organise your candles? How?!

I ask this because I’ll admit my collection is slightly taking over the whole house. I’m not really complaining but it’s just not very well organised and I’ll admit I’ve tried several different ways but I haven’t really found an idea I’m completely happy with yet.

I quite like this idea!

I bought some Tupperware boxes from Aldi, something like a £5 for 3. At the moment my Yankee Candle wax tarts just about fit into these boxes. But how do you organise them? By colour, alphabetical order, types of scent or do you mix your brands together? I’ll admit for now mine are in alphabetical order because I have created a spreadsheet so I know which ones I need to buy when I spot offers… yes, I’m that geeky!

At the moment my jars are spread around the place, mostly in my bathroom cabinet because I shoved them all in there when I moved in and that’s become their home. It might always be their home but I would like a better home for them. I quite like that door idea above, that might be an option.

So, how do you do it? How do you keep your candles organised? Let me know below before I go even more crazy. 😉

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