Jo Malone Candles

A couple of birthday’s ago I went to the Jo Malone store in London, I had a few ideas about my favourite scents and also found myself surprised by others that I liked. The two fragrances that I absolutely love are Blackberry & Bay and Pomegranate Noir. With another birthday coming soon (ish) I’ve added a Jo Malone candle to my birthday wishlist which has now turned into me arranging a day in London, with another trip to the store. I’m already so excited!

I really love everything; the fragrances, the gift boxes, the plain but elegant design. I love how the webpage even looks like a gift box too

The website looking like a gift box !

The Candles

Luxury Candles: Candles with 230 hours of burn time – £280
Deluxe Candles: Candles with 90 hours of burn time – £115
Home Candles: Candles with  45 hours of burn time – £40
Travel Candles: Candles with 16 hours of burn time – £22

Expensive yes but sometimes you have to pay to get the really good stuff. Also it is good to treat yourself every now and then, sometimes I wish that ‘then’ was every day but then it wouldn’t be a treat would it?

Pomegranate Noir – This is the one on my birthday wishlist.

I’ve added in the pic below to show off their simple packaging. Their boxes are super to keep and reuse or show off. 😉Jo Malone Packaging

You may have seen that they have a new collection of fragrances (no candles though) called Rock the Ages.  From the reviews I’ve seen everyone is raving about Tudor Rose & Amber – I’m intrigued!

What’s your favourite Jo Malone scent? Let us know in a comment below.

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