Holiday Memories – Shells & Stones 

Excuse me for this sentimental blog post today but I came across this photo of a candle Candles DIY Shells and Stonesin a jar surrounded by shells and I started to think about holidays I had growing up. I remembered collecting shells and stones, bringing them home with a whole load of sand (that wasn’t intentional) and putting them in jars. I saw the photo above and thought that it’s something I should still do and look how pretty it looks with a candle in the middle of the jar!

A lot of you will be off on your Easter break soon and I thought this was a timely reminder to start collecting shells and stones from your holidays and day trips. I love the above idea and it’s a great way to reuse some of your old candle jars.

I also thought this was a great idea for a beach themed wedding reception for every table. So easy to put together and not too expensive at all either.

So go, collect your memories and have fun!

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