The Body Shop Top 5’s & A Little Rant

I have a very different view of The Body Shop now than I did back in my teens. I loved the colours and the vibrancy of the stores, I loved the Eco side of the business too. I used to go into stores with my parents and it always seemed like a store I’d be happy to spend my much earned wages when I was rich and famous. ūüėČ Over the years, that love has waned away. Other new stores have come along and made me take notice, like Lush. Other brands have caught my eye like Soap & Glory and I definitely don’t see the vibrancy I used to in The Body Shop any more.

Every email from them is a sale offer, I refuse to buy any of their products now at full price because if you wait a few days it’ll be on offer. Recent ones have been ¬£10 off when you spend ¬£25, wait for these offers! They also jump on you as soon as you step foot in the store, I know the retail industry is hard right now but please let me look around in peace.

That said I still love some of their products and I do enjoy finding new recommendations of products. So here’s my Top 5…

The Body Shop Top 5 Products

Satsuma Body Butter – This stuff is gorgeous and it’s my favourite of all the Body Shop body butters. It reminds me of summer and makes me feel instantly refreshed by just smelling the pot. It applies well and dries quick too.

Tea¬†Tree Facial Toner – Again another reminder from my teens but I still use tea tree for my combination skin. I’ve never tried anything else, I’m more than happy with this one.

Blue Corn 3in1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask – This has been a favourite of mine since my teens. This was my first face mask for my acne face, oh the shame! I still use it now for any breakouts that I get. The smell is a little weird but for me I’m so used to it now that I don’t really notice. It’s always left my skin feeling clean and revived afterwards.

Born Lippy Pot Lip Balms – These lip balms are great. They smell gorgeous and they keep your lips super moisturised. I’m a bit late to the lip butter scene and they are next for me to try!

Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion – Another old favourite, I’ve tried many other foot lotions but nothing has ever come close. I am currently trying out a Soap & Glory one which might surpass this one, only time will tell. The peppermint smell is so fresh but my only problem with it is that it takes quite a while to dry…

Also…Did you know that The Body Shop did candles? Towards the end of last year, I was super excited to put in a bulk order as I needed all of the above and they had one of their money off bargains on so I ordered it all and one of their candles. The box arrived with minimal¬†packaging, no bubble wrap and everything had been rattling around in the box. The glass candle was broken and I was so disappointed. After several attempts to contact customer service, they finally replied after I had tweeted (!) I did receive my money back for the candle. The whole thing annoyed me because after reporting the lack of packaging, they never apologised and they also didn’t apologise for the candle I wanted being¬†no longer in stock. I wasn’t impressed at all and out of my own stubbornness I avoided my local store in a petty mood. (This was the candle that I wanted – *sobs!*)

I have since been back into stores and I’ve seen the candles, all dusty looking and unloved towards the back of the stores. I’ve still never felt compelled to buy one since. Maybe I should rescue them to be loved away from the dust!

I do still buy the above items and I do like to mooch about in stores and see what’s new. But the best offers seem to come online but I’d never really trust them to deliver a candle again.

What about you? What should I be trying in The Body Shop?

– Apologies for the grumpy post but I hate bad customer service. It’s something we both cannot stand.

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