Scent Mixology

Using small votive candles or wax melts/tarts you can mix different scents together to yankee-candle-triple-holder-create custom fragrance blends.

We’d suggest warming two wax melt/tart halves together in any traditional or electric warmers or burn up to three votives or small candles together in a dish. You can use any of your favourite brands to do this as well.

Yankee Candle have a very cool triple votive holder which was made exclusively for mixology, we so need one!

Love Aroma also stock a Yankee Candle Mixology Melt Warmer which we think is not only perfect for this but is quite stylish.

Yankee Candle Mixology Melt Warmer
Yankee Candle Mixology Melt Warmer

Here are some suggestions on creating new scents; by burning two or more different scented candles or wax melts you can make one amazing smell, perhaps one to evoke a certain feeling, or to help your relax or one that just smells delicious.


Appletini – Pineapple and Apple
Aromatherapy – Eucalyptus, Lavender and Vanilla
Berry Blast – Black Cherry, Mandarin and Cranberry
Blueberry Muffin – Blueberry Scone and Cinnamon & Sugar
Café con Leche – Coffee, Vanilla and Cinnamon
Calm – Rose and Lemon
Cherry Bakewell – Cherry, Vanilla and Almond
Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Hazelnut, Coffee and Strawberry
Cinnamon Crunch Cake – Cinnamon and Vanilla Cupcake
Coconut Cream Pie – Coconut, Vanilla and Buttercream
Coffee & Cream – Hazelnut, Coffee and Vanilla
Coffee Cake – Coffee and Vanilla Cupcake
Comfort – Baby Powder and Clean Linen
Cranberry & Orange Bread – Mandarin, Cranberry and Vanilla
Creamsicle Kick – Orange and Vanilla Cupcake
Easter Egg Hunt– Lilac Blossoms and Buttercream
Fresh Berry Pie – Strawberry, Raspberry and Vanilla Cupcake
Frosted Cinnamon Roll – Cinnamon, Vanilla Cupcake and Buttercream
Fruit Loops –Watermelon, Orange, Strawberry and Lemon
Fruit Salad – Honeydew Melon, Watermelon, Peach and Mango
Funnel Cake – Caramel and Vanilla
Island Daiquiri –Strawberry and Honeydew Melon
Jelly Bean – Kiwi, Strawberry and Lemon
Joy – Lavender, Lemon and Orange
Key Lime Pie – Vanilla, Lime and Buttercream
Lemon Meringue Pie – Lemon, Coconut and Vanilla
Peace, Love & Understanding – Eucalyptus and Patchouli
Pear and Almond Tart – Pear, Vanilla and Almond
Piña Colada – Pineapple and Coconut
Rice Pudding – Caramel, Cinnamon and Vanilla
Serendipity – Fresh Cut Roses and Sparkling Lemon
Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade – Lemon and Strawberry
Spring Fresh – Sage, Lime and Lemon
Strawberry Fields – Strawberry and Fresh Cut Grass
Strawberry Limeade – Strawberry, Vanilla and Lime
Strawberry Shortcake –Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake
Stress Relief – Eucalyptus, Lavender and Vanilla
Sunday Brunch – Blueberry, Vanilla Cupcake, Hazelnut and Coffee
Sweet Cherry Pie – Black Cherry, Cinnamon and Vanilla
Tarte Tatin – Apple, Cinnamon and Vanilla
The Witch’s Parlour – Patchouli and Pumpkin
Valentine’s Day Candy – Almond and Black Cherry
Vanilla Latte – Vanilla and Coffee
Vanilla Nut Latte – Almond, Hazelut, Vanilla and Coffee
Very Cherry Punch – Black Cherry, Lemon and Lime

So what scents do you like to mix together? Any mixology recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

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