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With relevant articles, consistent updates and thousands of weekly regular and new readers, being featured on Vanilla&Lime is an excellent way to spread the word about your great candles and home fragrance products.

So why be featured on a blog? Internet fans are smart and savvy; they get all their tips, tricks and reviews online and do most of their shopping online too. Not only that, but we’ll work hard to promote your brand; promoting you past the pages of this blog, on Facebook (570 fans+), Twitter (650+ followers ) Instagram (700+ followers) and Pinterest.

Product reviews are encouraged because nothing beats a first-hand experience of your product, and we are more happy to promote anything we love. We review candles, tarts/melts, home fragrance products, aromatherapy products and any accessories that compliment these.


Our reviews are not only fun but they’re honest and FREE!  Yes we LOVE a lot of products and candles (good ones, don’t blame us, blame the fab candle makers) but please don’t expect a great review, yes we are giddy and easily excited but we’re honest too. If we have an issue with your product, perhaps a fault, we will contact you first before we review it. If you would also like a private review or feedback we’d be more than happy to accommodate.

We will not give a product a bad review because we didn’t like it’s scent, if you’re unsure about what we like or don’t like just ask. We will do our best to describe scents to our readers, even if we don’t like them.

We have not/do not/will not accept money for candle reviews, we want our fans to know that all our reviews are honest and we don’t get compensated for reviewing a product or products.

We always keep an eye on our traffic and what brings people to Vanilla & Lime and what they look for when they get here; reviews and what types of products/scents they’d like to see more of…

This is where you come in. If you have can supply any of the products below (to be shipped to Ireland or the UK) for a full featured review (with links and images included and shared on our social media accounts), we’d be happy to offer you some free advertising in exchange (one large homepage ad for a month).

– Incense
– Beeswax Candles
– Room / Linen Sprays
– Drawer Liners
– Reed Diffusers
– Essential Oils / Aromatherapy Products
– Unique Scented Candles or Wax Tarts (Really wow us with something creative, bizarre or wild!)
Jewellery Candles (Pretty sure we’re the last people on the planet to try these. 😥 )
– Adult Beverage Scented Candles (Think wine or cocktails!)

If you’d like to be featured on Vanilla&Lime or have any questions please contact us directly at

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