PartyLite’s Forbidden Fruits Collection & Review

Forbidden Fruits the collection by PartyLite is the very definition of sheer romance; enticing fruit fragrances with luscious juicy notes that stir the senses and are very tempting! The collection is just so luxurious and glamorous.

Forbidden Fruits by PartyLite
Forbidden Fruits by PartyLite™ Candle (Available in five scents.), Scented Mini Jar Candle Trio, Forbidden Fruits Set, 3-Wick Jar – Fig Fatale, GloLite by PartyLite™ Scented Jar Candle – Fig Fatale and 15-Piece Tealight Sampler.

There are five tempting Forbidden Fruits fragrances to suit every mood:

Blackberry Boudoir – Rich, deep wild-berry notes plus sultry hints of wood and musk. Intoxicating!
Coconut Caress – Creamy coconut wraps you in a tropical embrace.It’s the ultimate exotic fling.
Fig Fatale – Irresistible blend of sensual fig, succulent fruits and velvety vanilla. Fall under fig’s captivating spell.
Pomegranate Passion – Luscious pomegranate is serenaded by raspberry, apple and a twinkle of vanilla. Feel the passion.
Tangerine Tease – Juicy tangerine is sweetened with a playful wink of vanilla. Who said it’s not nice to tease?

I have smelled all five fragrances and really liked all of them, their scent descriptions are bang on. I liked that Coconut Caress had hints of pineapple, I loved the tartness of Blackberry Boudoir and Pomegranate Passion, Fig Fatale is a really seductive scent and Tangerine Tease reminds me of a Creamsicle, it’s yummy.

If you like fruity and foody scents like we do then you’ll definitely like this collection. The scents are available in many popular forms: Scent Plus Melts, Scented Jar Candles, Universal Tealights, Large Tealights and Votives.

There is also a range of stunning home and candle accessories for your home to compliment the Forbidden Fruits range.

PartyLite Forbidden Fruits Accessories and Home Decor
Fragrance Warmer, Forbidden Romance Large Tealight Trio, Boudoir Candle Lamp, Jar Pedestal, Forbidden Trio and Forbidden Romance Hurricane.

We love this range is so modern and romantic.

I was lucky to get to try out Coconut Caress Scent Plus Melts and like all the other PartyLite products I was not disappointed. I love their melts especially because you get such a large bar for the price and the scents are so long lasting. Coconut Caress is a lovely subtle scent, it has a great throw but isn’t too over powering. It would be the ideal scent to mix with another scent to create your own custom fragrance.

Have you tried PartyLite products before, do you love them as much as we do? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in a comment below.

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    1. Awh I’m sorry you had a problem with them, I’ve used their tealight many times and never had any issues. Maybe if you contact your local PartyLite rep or PartyLite directly they might be able to help you out.

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