Nature’s Light™ Mulberry Scented Jar Candle by PartyLite Review

I’ve been wanting to try a wood wick candle for the longest time, I’ve heard good and bad things about them. I was most intrigued about the noise the wood wick makes.

I was finally able to try one when I was asked to review a Nature’s Light™ Mulberry Scented Jar Candle by PartyLite.

The smell of this candle was so luscious, it’s a lovely rich blend of berries, citrus and florals. I quite liked the tartness of it.

Nature's Light™ Mulberry Scented Jar Candle by PartyLite Review
The candle lit easily burned well and gave off an impressive bright, strong flame.

I adored the crackling sound the wick made as it burned, it’s was so calming and almost hypnotic. The candle really captured all the charm and glow of a genuine wood fire.

Like ALL PartyLite candles that I’ve had, this one burned flawlessly and ever so clean and smoke free, a feature of them that never ceases to amaze me.

The holder of the candle has a faux bois texture,  it’s so fabulous. I love the holder so much that I cleaned it out and am currently using it as a pen holder in my office.

The Nature’s Light™ Scented Jar Candles are presented in a decorative box and would make such a fabulous gift for anyone.

There are five rich woody scents in this range RoseWood, White Cedar Leaf, Fig Tree, Mulberry and Tamboti Safari.
RoseWood and White Cedar Leaf Wooden Wick Candles are also available as a 3-Wick Jar for three times the crackle, three times the charm!
If you can’t decide which scent to go for there is a lovely set of three mini Nature’s Light™ candles. Go on treat yourself! 😉

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