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I have to confess that I am a real ‘stick to the list’ person when I am short on time when I am shopping. Trips into town become more about the quick dash in here and there rather than a mooch about the town. I do occasionally break from this and get to mooch about a bit which is always nice. I had my Mum with me on this shopping trip and we had a leisurely lunch in between our shopping time. I decided to have a look in Laura Ashley, for nothing in particular although there are a few furniture pieces that I’m looking for so maybe it was that…

When we entered there was a beautiful white table with all these candles and reed diffusers on. Naturally, we both headed straight there.

Each scent has a candle presented in a beautiful rimmed glass that lasts for up to 50 hours. There are also reed diffusers, drawer liners, drawer sachets, a room spray, hand wash lotion set and a mini diffuser set with room spray and votives set.

citrus and nectarine

Here are the scents…

Beachcomber – Our beautiful Beachcomber boxed candle is infused with a fresh, cool fragrance that mixes warm sandalwood and amber tones with hints of breezy coastal nuances.

Rhubarb & Vanilla – Our beautiful Rhubarb and Vanilla boxed candle is infused with a rich, creamy fragrance of vanilla, blended with zesty rhubarb to create a warm and luxurious scent.

Citrus Blossom & Nectarine – Our beautiful Citrus Blossom and Nectarine boxed candle is infused with a light, fresh, fragrance that mixes citrus fruits with warm mango, pomegranate and nectarine.

Fresh Linen and Jasmine – Our beautiful Fresh Linen and Jasmine boxed candle is infused with a light, fresh, fragrance of jasmine and roses with hints of bergamot and orange, evoking the essence of a fresh summer breeze.

Sweet Pea & Freesia – Enhance the ambiance of your home with this Sweet Pea and Freesia scented candle. An elegant garden floral, this scent also features subtle notes of dewy leaves and a hint of citrus.

Mulberry & Damask Rose – Our beautiful boxed candle is infused with a sophisticated fragrance that mixes rich mulberry scents with vibrant green leaves and freshly picked dew-drenched roses.

My Mum immediately had picked up the Sweet Pea & Freesia reed diffusers before even smelling them. That was always going to be her choice, her two favourite flowers. Apparently it’s going to go in the bathroom which will be ideal. For me it’s a little too flowery but it’s not a scent that I dislike. The Beachcomber I could give or take on really, it was pretty subtle and I wasn’t keen on the Mulberry or Damask Rose either.

sweet pea and freesiaOf course the Rhubarb & Vanilla was the one for me (you all must know by now that I love vanilla, right?) but I also have been finding myself liking a lot of citrus based scents recently too. So the Citrus Blossom & Nectarine was particularly good also. Also as a lover of linen-based scents the Fresh Linen & Jasmine was also good too.

Not quite sure what’s happening to me recently, I’m liking a lot of citrus and also jasmine too, I thought the latter one was just a Christmas phase that I get. Hmm.

The candles were priced at £14 but they are a new range so at the moment they are £10.50. At £14 they are not bad for the price anyway so grabbing them at the reduced prices now is a bargain. The other products in the range are also reduced from their full price too.

In the shop there were various candle accessories, none that particularly took my eye. There were other single candle glass jars but again these were neither scented or visually appealing as the ones I have mentioned.

Then my Mum came across the Cook’s Kitchen Candle range. Although as this shop was fairly small they only had a couple of the candles. A look online later on showed me that there were more scents and lots of accessories like hand washes, reed diffusers and a room spray! I have to confess I’ve never really felt the need to buy any of the kitchen candles for room odours. Probably because I have too many other candles but the candles were £7.50 (normally £10). The English Apple & Mint one smelt yummy, I think Sam would pick that one.

rhubarb and vanillaI have picked up one of everything in the Rhubarb & Vanilla range, I will review them soon. I also picked up some table and drinks mats, a new cabinet for the hallway and a rug too. Maybe I should go back to sticking to my list .;)

Have you popped into Laura Ashley recently? Or shopped online. What have you bought? Let us know below.

Really enjoyed reading about their home fragrance on their blog too. Although their whole blog will probably make you want to re-decorate everywhere, there’s some great ideas in there!

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