Bought & Burned – February Edition

As our hauls and product features are quite popular we thought it’d be fun to share with you all the products that we bought and burned (or melted) each month. We’re not in any way bragging and we’re grateful for every ounce of wax we have but we all know how much candle junkies love seeing what others use or where they shop.

Bought & Burned - February Edition

Y’all know I’m generally not into floral scents but I fell in love with them after trying this stunning Lily-Flame Daisy Dip Candle from Love Aroma.

If you’re a fellow candle addict like us then you so need a Yankee Candle Love Your Candle Care Set, I can’t imagine life without mine now and how I ever managed without an snuff before is beyond me. 😉

I had my first experience of a wood wick candle when I tried Nature’s Light™ Mulberry Scented Jar Candle by PartyLite. I adore PartyLite products and this definitely exceeded my expectations of a wood wick candle.

Still on a wood wick roll! I was sent a Woodwick brand Dreamsicle Daydream candle from Love Aroma. Myself and Sarah are now obsessed with this brand. Given the quality of the wax and how well the candles are made, the classic style of the candles, the epic long burning time, the soothing crackle, the unreal throw and the great value for money, these candles are definitely something you should try if you haven’t already.

We were both introduced to Twig+Dot and just adored their candles, you can read my review of their Limoncello candle HERE and Sarah’s review will be up on Monday. If you haven’t tried these candles before, we highly recommend them.

Myself and Sarah both did some shopping in Primark (or Penneys as it’s called here in Ireland). We love their makeup, accessories and clothes but have never had any luck with their candles. I think we both thought that since they’ve recently upped their game quite a lot that they  may have changed the way their candles are made, for the better. It turns out that they haven’t. Yes they’re a lot more visually appealing and there is a lot more scents and styles to choose from, but they still have no throw and burn terribly. We really ought to stop wasting our money and maybe just buy their makeup and nail polish instead, perhaps someday we’ll learn.

I had a bit of a Scentsy accident. Have you seen their new Spring/Summer catalogue?! The new scents sound lovely and I love all the coconut based ones plus the new Urban Luster warmer would be perfect for my office.

I was lucky to get to try out PartyLite Coconut Caress Scent Plus Melts and like all the other PartyLite products I was not disappointed. I love their melts especially because you get such a large bar for the price and the scents are so long lasting. Coconut Caress is a lovely subtle scent, it has a great throw but isn’t too over powering.  We’ve had it warming in our bedroom and it’s a lovely scent to fall asleep to.

I splurged a little in Yankee Candle and also finally managed to get the entire Metal Hearts accessories range. Generally I’m not big into candle accessories but once I saw this range I knew I had to have it.

Sarah went on a spree in Laura Ashley, she loved their home fragrance collection and treated herself to all thing Rhubarb & Vanilla. I’m totes jealous.

So that was basically it all for February, tell us below what you bought and burned, or if you have any recommendation for us for March.

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