Primark Candle Haul

Ok, first of all, I use the term “haul” very lightly for this piece. Secondly, I must be a glutton for punishment because I keep buying candles from Primark (called Penneys here in Ireland) and I keep having bad experiences.

So here’s what I bought…

Primark Candle Haul 1

These candles in Winter Berries and Candy Cane Swirl were €3 each. I burned the Candy Cane Swirl one first, well I burned about a third of it… this crazy candle started sizzling at me and smoking like crazy, no amount of wick trimming would stop it so I just threw it out. I was a bit bummed because it smelled so yummy in the jar. I haven’t burned the Winter Berries one yet and I don’t know if I will… 😕

Primark Candle Haul 2

This is the second time I bought these type of candle, they’re €1 each. They smell good in the jar but have no throw but I buy them purely for atmospheric purposes, they look so pretty and I love the bright colours. The lack of scent would make these ideal for the dining table.

Primark Candle Haul 3

Ahhh good ol’ tealights, one of my biggest consumables. I could be wrong but I think these are €4. No complaints here, they do the job.

It may not be the greatest candle haul but I did also buy fairy lights and a Marvel mug and they make everything better!

Have you brought recently or do you generally buy candles from Primark? Any recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

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