LAFCO New York Complete Holiday Candle Collection

Oprah recently announced her Favourite Things of 2014 and of course as usual I want everything on the list! Yes, I know I probably wouldn’t use a lot of it, but you know if HRH Oprah says it’s awesome then it’s awesome and you must have it.

There was only one brand of candles featured on it, LAFCO New York – Luxury Articles & Fragrance Co.; I had never heard of them until I saw the list and boy are they super fancy candles!

LAFCO New York is the brainchild of former lawyer and self confessed body care junkie Jon Bresler who started the company over 20 years ago. In 2007 after not being able to find decent candles LAFCO came up with the concept of A Candle for Every Room™ and A Candle for Every Home™. In a market already flooded with candles the House & Home™ collection was an immediate and phenomenal success. The concept was simple: give the customer a beautiful hand blown glass vessel, a generous burn time and just the right scent for every room and home. Lucky Magazine called it “The Perfect Candle!”

Yeah, so we’re gonna need like ALL the candles please.

Anyway Oprah added the Complete Holiday Candle Collection to her Favourite Things of 2014, she said about them…

“I have LAFCO candles all over my house, and I can’t wait to try these in wintry scents like Tree and Berry. Poured into hand blown glass, the candles burn for 90 hours – long enough to flicker though the holidays.” – Oprah

 The set includes four candles…

 The scents in the set are:

Opal Amaryllis – Enveloping and cheerful festive notes of mandarin and frosty peppermint that delicately unfold onto a layer of warm, blossoming amaryllis.
Cranberry Currant / Berry – Juicy and tart; the scents of cranberry, red currant, raspberry, and blackberry are blended together in this modern holiday scent.
Feu de Bois / Ski House – Woody, smoky and warm; the scent of burning wood with a hint of mountain spruce.
Fresh Pine Forest / Tree – Green and warm; the scents of pine needles, spruce, balsam fir, and incense create a modern Christmas tree fragrance.

So festively fabulous eh?! I love the glass holders, especially the opal one.

You can buy a set HERE and check out LAFCO on Facebook, HERE and follow them on Twitter @LAFCONewYork

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