Cola Cubes Candle from Sugar Wicks Review

Another sweet treat sent to me by our buddies at Sugar Wicks, check out this lovely Cola Cubes from Sugar Wickssparkly candle…

“Fantastic and fizzy, this cola cubes scent is a must for any sweet tooth. They smell just like the real thing! All the joy without the trip to the dentist!”

Two of the greatest things in the world are sparkles and candles, well in my opinion anyway.You know what is also great? Cola Cubes, om nom nom! So combine all three and you’re gonna end up with something pretty cool.

Just like the Rhubarb&Custard candle that I reviewed for Sugar Wicks this candle was uplifting and such a happy scented candle, it really perked me up and I just loved the sparkles. SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE!

I like Sugar Wicks’ mini candles, they are super cute, they’re a great way to try out their products and various scents and they are a bargain too.Wouldn’t they make super cute stocking stuffers or Kris Kindle presents too?

All Sugar Wicks products are made by hand and in small batches to ensure quality and great smelling candles every time, so check out Sugar Wicks on Facebook, HERE and follow them on Twitter @SugarWicksUK

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