Snoop Dogg Makes Candles?! Foshizzle!

I might be a bit late to the party but I just found out that the one and only D-O-double G has gone and created some very limited edition candles, I dunno about you but I kinda want them. I could never burn them though, they’d be like my “super special Snoop Dogg show candles!”

Snoop Dogg Candles

These are the first candles he has ever made, so not surprising and he only made five hundred of them for his brand new line The Broadus Family Collection. I wonder if he actually made them…like with his own hands…hmmmm.

The new candles come in two scents: Baby Powder which Snoop says works like magic to make your room smell clean and fresh, and White Rose which is apparently a nice gift for the ladies. Oh Snoop you’re so smooth.

They are made with a natural coconut wax blend with organic wooden wicks.
Apparently coconut wax not only provides the cleanest burn available, but is also the first sustainable wax resource to hit the market.Snoop also says it’s cleaner burning than soy candles. I guess we’ll take your word for it Doggfather.

The Broadus Family Collection

They’re also said to be jammers with fragrance and have a burn time of about 60 hours. Each candle is in a black glass jar with a gold lid, they do look uber fancy don’t they?

The candles are $42 and available to buy HERE, international shipping is available as well.

I dunno, I’m intrigued, but Rose and Baby Powder wouldn’t be favourite scents of mine. What do you guys think? Let us know in a comment below.

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