Rhubarb & Custard from Sugar Wicks

Oh this candle, I wanted to lick it! I LOVE anything rhubarb and custard scented or flavored; I

remember Tesco used to do rhubarb and custard ice lollies and I was addicted to them for so long, this candle from Sugar Wicks reminded me so much of them.

The fresh crisp notes of rhubarb complement the smooth sweetness of the creamy vanilla-y custard. It was delicious, I can totally see why it’s one of Sugar Wicks’ most popular scents.

I burned this after quite a busy few days in work and it was so uplifting and such a happy candle especially with it being pink and yellow in colour.

All Sugar Wicks products are made by hand and in small batches to ensure quality and great smelling candles every time, this candle definitely showed that. It burned perfectly like my last Sugar Wick’s candle and had a great throw for such a small candle, it was small but mighty!

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