PartyLite Joy of Autumn™ Scented Candle Trio

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, especially when it comes to candles, I think all the best scents come out this time of year. I love all the spicy, pumpkin, super apple-y or very cinnamon-y scents out there. I was super excited when my friend and PartyLite Consultant extraordinaire Shirley Magee sent me some new products to try out and review.

Being that it’s almost Halloween I thought I’d try out the PartyLite Joy of Autumn™ Scented Candle Trio which are all pumpkin shaped and so freakin cute!

The scents included in the set are…

Golden Birch – The cozy scent of rich woods and spice mingled with a touch of smoky air. 
Pumpkin Apple Cider – Fresh apples and rich pumpkin with a dash of spice. 
Mulberry – The juiciness of delicious, just-picked berries – ripe, plump and perfect! 

Ok so first off I’ll say that generally I hate anything woody or pine scented, I don’t know what it is but

I just can’t stand them; so I was nervous about the Golden Birch scented candle but when I smelled it I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t get too excited because it could smell completely different when melted. Well it didn’t, it smelled so good! The best way I can think to describe it is like rich vanilla ice cream on a campfire, you so know what I mean don’t you?! LOL.

Pumpkin Apple Cider smells like pumpkin pie that’s jammers with cinnamon, ginger and lots of yumminess and then mixed with tart apple pie. It’s divine! Exactly what Autumn should smell like.

Mulberry is delicious! You know I love my berry and fruit scented candles and this one certainly impressed me, so sweet and fresh. It’s quite an uplifting scent.

Do you see above how perfect my candle was burning? It burned so evenly and flawlessly and seriously PartyLite candles AMAZE me with their clean burning, not one bit of icky black smoke to be found anywhere. I did have it burning for quite a long time and forget to trim the wick at some point and when I remembered to do it, the flame was a lot bigger but it wasn’t smoking at all. No exaggeration.

If you haven’t tried PartyLite Candles you’re most definitely missing out. Their scent throw is amazing and they really are the cleanest burning candles.

If you’re looking for some fab candles and wax products or are interested in becoming a PartyLite consultant , I would definitely chat to Shirley, she really knows her stuff. You can find her on Facebook, HERE or follow her on Twitter @DiamDelights.

Have you tried PartyLite products before? Let us know what you thought and what products and scents you’d recommend in a comment below.

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