Parma Violet from Sugar Wicks

I was super giddy when I discovered Sugar Wicks candles and wax goodies, I love candles but my favourite kinds are food and candy scented ones and Sugar Wicks make all sorts of delicious treats for us wax junkies. All their products are made by hand and in small batches to ensure quality and great smelling candles every time.

You can imagine my pure joy when Sugar Wicks sent me some goodies to review.

First up is a Parma Violet Scented Mini Candle Jar.

 “The beautiful retro scent of sweet and floral Parma Violets. Lovely and extremely sugary! They are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just like the little blue penny sweets!”
I don’t remember Parma Violets from my childhood, but I wish I did, I feel like I’ve missed out cause this candle smelled so good. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them.  
Anyway as I was saying this candle smelled so good, the best way I can think to describe it is, comfortingly sweet, like baby powder and fizzy sweets, LOL. Trust me when you buy one for yourself, you’ll totally get what I mean.
My candle burned perfectly, which is always a great thing. I kept the wick trimmed and got, oh gosh about 15 hours burning time, maybe more. 
If you keep the wick trimmed your candle will last longer, but you totally know that already don’t you?
I really liked this candle, I adored the baby blue colour and how the little jar glowed when it was lit, see pic above. I can’t wait to try my other candles from Sugar Wicks and I think I’ll be treating myself to some of their other products as well.
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