Lily-Flame’s Daisy Dip Candle Review

In my efforts to try to tame down my candle collection (it’s gone from various sizes of Lily-Flame’s Daisy Dip Candleboxes to now almost a shelf rack* in my cupboard, oops) I decided that before buying a new candle in my favourite ranges (Yankee Candle, Scentsy etc) that I need to make sure I have reviewed them on here. It’s my new way of organising myself and realising just how far behind I am!

I wrote the other Lily-Flame review that I received at the same time as this one in LATE FEBRUARY! Oops again.

So I am finally getting round to telling you all about Daisy Dip, better late than never…

The description on the website says Daisy Dip – In a faraway field. A light floral fine fragrance, this popular scent was named after the field where our Managing Director, Jo used to play as a girl. Ah- isn’t that sweet!

Lily-Flame’s Daisy Dip Candle ReviewSo I found my photos that I took back in February and started to write this blog post. I have got about 1/3 of the candle left now as I loved it during August as it’s quite like Yankee’s ‘Loves me Loves me not’ which I adore. I am a big fan of these tins and they are priced at £8.50 on their website and they burn for about 35 hours which is impressive. I have found occasional scents are cheaper on eBay and Amazon so as always make sure to shop around. The best thing with the Lily-Flame candles is that it really doesn’t take long for the smells to drift around your home, you don’t have to wait long before you can smell them. They also have room mists and reed diffusers which I am yet to try but I would definitely get the Daisy Dips reed diffusers for my bathroom or maybe my home study – you need a relaxing scent in those rooms.

I would definitely re-purchase this one and Powder Puff. I am going to purchase Fairy Dust and Blush next.

What are your favourite Lily-Flame scents?

You can have a browse through the Lily-Flame range on their website, HERE and you can tweet them @Lily_Flame and follow on Facebook, HERE.

*The shelf is more like two shelves or maybe three…

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