This is what’s up…and burning.

All of this moving, unpacking, decorating, travelling and changing jobs over the past couple of months has officially wrecked me! I’ve the flu now, which I’m assuming is my body’s way of saying “stop, relax a bit!” Which is also what my other half as been saying to me the whole time; I should’ve listened but man I’m so stubborn and determined.

I’ve had lots of candles burning and wax melts melting mainly because I’m a wax junkie but also for calming, de-stressing, uplifting and now for relaxation purposes, so I thought I’d give you a run through of my favourite scents and products that I’ve been using recently…

Soft Blanket from Yankee Candle – I’ve said this before, this is my go to de-stressing scent. It’s so comforting and lovely.
Chocolate Raspberry Wax Melts from Sarah’s Boutique Candles – I purchased a lot of wax melts recently from Sarah’s and this scent was my fave, I loved all the others but man I ploughed through this scent, had it going 24/7!
Blue Hawaiian Wax Melts from The Milk&Cookie Candle Company – My ultimate happy scent! I adore this scent so so much and we got so many compliments from visitors when this was warming in our new home. Trish is just a wax genius ninja type person and I love all her products and scents.
Vanilla Votives from Wilko – Even with wax tarts melting away, I still need some flame! I stocked up on these when I was in England and they’re pretty great for the price.
Pink Grapefruit Tealights from Coley&Gill – I fell in love with the colour of these and got a couple of 12 packs for €1.49 each, couldn’t really not buy them at that price! I’ve had them burning away in my cute tealight holders.

Anyway I’m happy to say that I’m sorta organised now so everything will be back to normal here on V&L, like now! Thank you to all our friends and fans for your patience and support, sometimes life just gets crazy and it’s great to know there’s so many awesome people out there.

Stay tuned for A LOT of reviews from myself and Sarah, product features and lots of fabulous stuff. In the mean time let us know in a comment below what you’ve been burning and melting.

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