Tesco Sherbert Crush Candles

So I was in my local Tesco’s which has a rather large candle section but it also has this random shelf of candles near it’s bedroom/linen section; some of the candles on it are in the large candle section a couple of aisles away so I don’t know exactly why they have this random shelf but I ain’t complaining.

Anyway, I nearly walked past said random candle shelf when I saw price sign that said €1.45… I thought, “another bargain find?!” I looked to see what candles the sign was for and saw that it was just below these FABULOUS grey glass jar candles, the perfect shade of grey to match our new bedroom. I showed himself and we both agreed that I couldn’t be right in thinking that these were only €1.45 but we tripled checked and the sticker on the candle and on the sign both said “Sherbert Crush Candle Jar, Clay” SCORE! I put two in our basket and we continued on shopping.

“Could it be?”

Then, I got the fear. You know the fear, the “get to the self checkout, scan in candles, and then it says they’re about a million euro so you have to either tell a staff member that you no longer want them, kick up a stink about the wrong price being advertised or run like crazy out of the store leaving everything behind” fear. You know the kind I’m talking about. What would I do?! Did I really need the two rather luxurious looking candles that matched our fabulous new bedroom perfectly? Before I had time to decide, there we stood at the self checkout and himself starts scanning…
Milk…beep…laundry detergent…beep…apples…beep…candle…“ahhhhh what’s gonna happen?!”…beep…“€1.45! Booyah!” I will admit that I squealed and did a little dance, as any wax junkie would do.

So I rushed home and knew I would just have to tell y’all about my bargain find and when I went to check the Tesco website, what did I find? The fabulous grey candles, but they’re listed for £4, which is about €5 euro and a few cent. Oh yeah! Such a steal. I’m thinking Tesco made an error and I got lucky. I also am curious as to why they’re called “Sherbert Crush” candles cause they’re completely unscented, which isn’t a problem cause I’ll just be using them as show candles. I’m tempted to head back and see if they’ve the other colours that are available online but for €1.45 too.

Have you found any great steals or bargain finds recently? Let us know in a comment below.

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