Woodwick Wild Sweet Pea Wax Melt Review

I absolutely adore Yankee Candle’s Garden Sweet Pea, it’s my favourite go to candle for any mood.  I love it all year round and it has one of those smells that just instantly makes me smile and feel at home.  Whilst doing some candle shopping (as we do!) I came across the Woodwick Wild Sweet Pea.  We love our wax tarts here at Vanilla&Lime HQ so I followed suit with their wax melts.

The wax was pink to start with and then went a very lovely dark purple but sadly the smell was not so lovely.  Now, I realise that this is not an exact copy for the Yankee Candle version as this is Wild and Yankee is Garden but I was expecting something a little similar. Sadly no and I was quite disappointed as I do like finding variations to scents that I like.  This seemed to have a sort of cucumber strong smell to it which whilst I don’t mind the smell of cucumber, it was actually quite sneezy on my nose. 🙁

But I do still love my Biscotti and Vanilla Bean wax melts from Woodwick and I’ve noticed they have a load of new scents to try too. Yay!

What similar scents have you been disappointed with? Any that you’ve loved? Let us know.

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