Love Aroma UK – Melt Angel Brushed Silver Tin Candle

When I received the parcel from Love Aroma I knew that Sam had told them that I loved vanilla and as soon as I opened the box… VANILLA! All the packaging was scented. I still have the packaging and the box in my home office, it stills smells divine. I do occasionally stick my head in it… totally normal right? There were two reed diffusers which I shall review later on.

My first review is for the Melt Angel Silver Tin Candle. Oh my wow! Dewberry, Cassis, Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber and a hint of Chocolate… what’s not to like here? It all smells gorgeous. I also really like the tin but from previous reviews you’ll know that I love tins. It’s also a very affordable price for 22+ hours burn time. The one thing I was a little wary of at the start was that the candle is full right to the top, which yes is great value but I was slightly concerned it might spill when it started to melt. It didn’t at all and it burnt down really well, I have about a quarter left as I have also been using it to fragrance my bathroom when it’s not lit. It really does that job too


Really loved the candle, the tin and I love the box packaging. Simple but elegant. There are other choices in the tins, I might have to work my way through the entire collection. Overall I loved the candle, cute packaging and very affordable for a gift or a treat for yourself.


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