Espresso Candle from Sarah’s Boutique Candles

Hey everyone, I’m back, apologies for the lack of posts but this girl took a much needed holiday.

Myself and my better half had an amazing time, we went to a concert, ate some fabulous food, did some touristy stuff and lots of shopping. You probably won’t be all that surprised when I tell you that I mostly bought candles when I was away, so I may do a holiday candle haul post soon, but now I’ve another review for you and this one is long over due.

One of the many candles that Sarah from Sarah’s Boutique Candles sent me was this super cute Coffee Scented Candle in an Espresso Cup

I had been dying to burn this candle since I received it but since I was in the process of moving I decided to wait and burn it in our new home, I figured the coffee scent would be quite uplifting and might make unpacking a little easier. Well I did burn it and it was very uplifting but it turns out nothing makes unpacking easier lol. We’re still not done, BUT I do have my new candle cupboard all organised, so yay!

Anyway, back to the review. Holy wow I loved this candle, loved everything about it from the rich luxurious espresso brown colour, to the pretty porcelain cup, to the frothiness and the little coffee beans on top, it was just fabulous.

The throw was unreal, it was as if we had been brewing the finest coffee all day long. The candle burned perfectly too, for 20+hours and completely smoke free, when it was finished burning all that was left in the bottom was the coffee beans and the wick thingy.

When I make some room in my overflowing candle cupboard I’ll definitely be ordering a few of these from Sarah’s, seriously how cute of a candle is it?! I also think one of these would make a great gift for any coffee lovers out there.

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