Sarah’s Boutique Candles Review Part 1

So one of my gorgeous friends started her own business called Sarah’s Boutique Candles, and let me tell you she makes some seriously fabulous looking and oh so yummy smelling candles and wax goodies! All her products are handmade with soy wax and just jammers with fragrance.

I was so happy and so so lucky when Sarah sent me loads of products to try out, seriously it’s gonna take a while to get through everything but I just know I’m gonna love them all.

I’ve only used two products so far…

First up is “One For The Road” a Beer scented candle in a glass tumbler.

I had mentioned to Sarah that I was intrigued by this scent in her scent list. She told me it most definitely smelled like beer and that it made her house smell pretty much like party central, hell yeah!

My boyfriend is kind of a beer connoisseur, not that he drinks it a lot but he knows his fancy craft beers and stuff, so I’ve grown to kind of like the smell of beer, I still have to find some that I like the taste of though. Anyway this is mainly why I was so interested in this scent. When I opened it up I really really liked it, it smelled beer-y but also really fresh in an uplifting sort of way.

The candle burned perfectly, didn’t get at all smokey and had a great throw.  Plus I like that my apartment smelled like we’d just had a massive party, it made me feel quite badass.

Next up is the cutest wax melts ever!

I love wax melts especially well made ones and Sarah’s ones were unreal! Little hearts just packed with fragrance that lasted for days and days.

Sarah sent me wax melts in “Love Spell” which is a mix of cherry, apple and peach. Yum, yum and yum! I put two in the warmer (you get 70g of little wax hearts, using just two hearts in my opinion is plenty, but if you have a small warmer or burner than I’d say one would be ok too) in my bedroom about an hour before I had planned to go to bed and when I went back in, my room just smelled heavenly! Even after I turned the warmer off and they hardened I was still sorta waking up during the night going “mmmmm” LOL. 

I highly recommend these wax melts and when I’m all out I’ve a list of about ten+ scents I want to order from Sarah.

Show Sarah some love on Facebook, HERE, check out all her fabulous creations and stay tuned for more fun reviews from us here at Vanilla&Lime.

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