Sarah’s Boutique Candles Chocolate Chip Cookie & Coffee Cupcake Review

Yeah, you read right, a chocolate chip cookie and coffee cupcake candle; it sounds positively heavenly doesn’t it?

Sarah from Sarah’s Boutique Candles sent me three amazing cupcake candles amongst lots of other goodies to review and this is the first one I’ve tried and boy oh boy was it seriously yummy!


The cupcake candle had a chocolate chip cookies base and a coffee topping, so when I first lit it I got the uplifting coffee scent and then about half way down it was a delicious vanilla, chocolatey, buttery cookie base, yum yum yum!

As with the other products I tried from Sarah’s this had an amazing throw. It burned perfectly till about three quarters of the way down then it slowly melted into a yummy waxy pool, not a problem at all cause when it was finished burning I used the bit of leftover wax in my warmer, I had the delicious scent flowing through my home for days!

I can’t wait to try my other cupcake candles I know they’ll be just as fabulous as this one.

Stay tuned for more reviews of Sarah’s yummy wax goodies and show her some love on Facebook, HERE.

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